A Lifetime Together by Emanuel Martinez

Statue of Jane Scherer and her husband as children.

Art Detail

  • Title: A Lifetime Together
  • Artist: Emanuel Martinez
  • Location: Jackson Ave. and Main St.
  • Medium: Sculpture
  • Installation Date: 2002
  • Description: Statue of Jane Scherer and her husband as children.
  • Plaque Text: Jane E. Latshaw and Willian H. "Billy" Scherer were born in Naperville in 1918 and attended grade school through high school together. In 1941, they married and spent the next 60 years as husband and wife. She was a decendant of the Napers, the town's founders. His grandfather, Christian Scherer, opened Scherer Hardware store at the southeast corner of Jefferson Avenue and Washington Street in the early 1880's, and Billy's father continued to operate the store until 1946. Their parents raised them here long before Naperville was recognized in 1997 as the best place in the U.S. to raise children. Because Jane and Billy Scherer wanted to give something back to this great community that gave them so much, two NCHS students will receive a college scholarship annually.

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