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A View of Historic Naperville from the Sky-lines
By: Genevieve Towsley

A Collection of Article of Historic Significance. First printed by The Naperville Sun in 1975. Reprinted in 1990. As a writer for The Naperville Sun, Towsley spent many years learning about this community, interviewing "old timers" about their experiences and writing a series of articles for the newspaper about the town's history. Over the years, Towsley's book — a collection of those newspaper articles — has remained an important resource for anyone hoping to understand this city's fascinating heritage. Hardcover, 258 pages. Over 100 stories with old photos. This 5th Edition book, printed in 1990.

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Genevieve's book is currently available at Anderson's Bookstore and the Naperville Settlement Gift Shop as well for $29.95.





A View of Historic Naperville from the Sky-lines

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