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April 22, 1998 — Source: Naperville Sun, The (IL) — Author: Cathy Janek

Naperville Libraries has been approached to add its three pieces of artwork to the Century Walk.

In addition, the Century Walk Committee still appears to be in favor of placing an artwork replica of its logo at the northeast corner of the Nichols Library parking lot as a kick-off point for the walk.

As Library Trustee Mary Ellen Barry pointed out to trustees in an informal discussion over the issue, "It may not even be a concern for us."

The Century Walk committee actually may have chosen a site that is part of the parking lot for Nichols Library that falls under the control of the city of Naperville.

And someday the location may be the entrance to a double-decker parking lot that is currently under preliminary consideration, joked Donna Dziedzic, library director.

To further complicate matters, a sundial donated to Naperville Libraries by the Naperville Garden Clubs presently resides on the location.


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